To our customers, please note that Peel’s Georgetown Depot will be open from 7:00PM this evening (Nov 15th) through to 5:00PM tomorrow evening (Nov 16th), and will have bulk road salt and ice melter available for sale to meet all of your de-icing needs! We look forward to working with you this winter!

  • Early Spring Fertilizer March 31, 2014
    Once you see some growth, fertilizer is necessary to green up and strengthen your turf. We’ve got a great Early Spring Fertilizer that’s great for this time of year! Contact Us Today ( Read More... )
  • Early Spring Lawn Maintenance March 28, 2014
    Sometimes, once the snow has melted, what’s left underneath is scary. Once you can see green grass growth, feel free to rake all the dead leaves away. This will allow the new growth to surface while also providing for better nutrient penetration and water infiltration. Contact Us Today ( Read More... )
  • Want to add value to your home? March 26, 2014
    Money Magazine recently reported that people who spend 5% of the value of their home on landscaping can expect to add 15% more to its value. A properly designed, installed and maintained landscape not only provides immediate benefits in home value but also provides community beautification and personal enjoyment. Contact Us Today ( Read More... )
  • Frost Damage Control March 24, 2014
    Cold winter temperatures often result in frost damage—especially with how cold this winter has been! To help your plants recover & promote new growth, prune all dead portions of the plant back to healthy wood- where you can see green. For some plants, this might be to the ground. Contact Us Today ( Read More... )
  • Updated Website March 21, 2014
    Have you noticed anything different? We’ve recently refreshed and updated our website. Our hope is that it’s easy to navigate and more clearly outlines what it is that we do. Take a look around and let us know what you think. Contact Us Today ( Read More... )
  • Spend Time Outdoors This Spring/Summer March 19, 2014
    The benefits of spending time outside are amazing—make sure your outdoor space is a place where you can spend time this spring/summer. Contact Us Today ( Read More... )
  • Spring is Coming! March 11, 2014
    Spring is just around the corner and before you know it gorgeous flowers will be popping up everywhere. What flowers will you include in your garden this year? Contact Us Today ( Read More... )
  • Now is the time! March 11, 2014
    March is the perfect time to contact one of our landscape architects if you’re thinking about getting a landscape designed and installed. The sooner in the season you contact us, the quicker your turnaround time will be. Contact Us Today ( Read More... )
  • Snow & Ice Removal March 6, 2014 Snowplow
    We hope you’re all safe after last night’s dump of snow and freezing rain. Did you know that Peel Exterior Maintenance has provided dependable snow and ice removal to both commercial and residential clients for over 20 years? If you don’t already have someone doing this for you, or, are looking to try out something […] ( Read More... )
  • Pruning March 6, 2014 Pruning
    Did you know? The best time to prune trees and shrubs is when they’re dormant. Just before bud break, in March or early April is the ideal time. Contact Us Today ( Read More... )