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Canyon Stone offers thin cut natural stone veneers, ideal products for a number of different residential and commercial wall applications. Stone veneers are suitable for interior or exterior installations. The are commonly used on projects ranging from custom homes to renovation and rejuvenation projects and even in complex commercial projects like banks, retail chains, office buildings, resorts, hotels and casinos.

Canyon Stone Canada is the first and the only Canadian stone veneer distribution centre specializing in all types of lightweight manufactured faux stone sidings and thin cut natural stone veneer panels designed specifically for interior and exterior wall applications.

Thanks to such specializations, Canyon Stone Canada offers the market that which its competition can’t – a wide variety of stone styles – from rustic to contemporary to formal – in dozens of attractive and unique colours and colour combinations. Carefully selected from the leading manufacturers of faux stone veneer and laminated thin cut natural stone veneer panels from all around the world, Canyon Stone Canada faux stone siding selection represents the best qualities and designs in the industry.

Canyon Stone Canada demands very strict requirements for their stone veneer suppliers. We choose only innovative companies with a proven track record, high quality control standards, and above average warranty programs. These requirements can be met only by companies that use state of the art technology and machinery, using top quality production components while employing top notch creative designers who have expansive knowledge of the trends and fashion of the architectural and stone veneering industry

We expect our business partners to always be looking for new designs, technical solutions, and have a production process flexible enough to manufacture custom design veneer on short notice and according to technical specifications.

Benefits of manufactured stone veneer – natural stone veneer panels

Lightweight manufactured stone and thin cut natural stone veneers are ideal products for a multitude of residential and commercial wall applications. Suitable for interior and exterior installations, they are widely used on projects ranging from residential custom homes, renovations and additions, to very complex commercial projects like hotels, resorts, banks, casinos, retail chains, condominiums, and office buildings. Canyon Stone Canada recognizes the specific demands of regional stone markets by matching them with the diverse qualities of stone veneers brought from different parts of the world.

This enables Canyon Stone Canada to be one step ahead of the competition by offering each unique market the stones that are perfect for their local style, tradition, and architecture. Canyon Stone Canada manufactured stone and natural stone veneer panels are our specialty because we buy large quantities and can negotiate prices that are well below average in the industry. The savings are passed to you, the consumer, in the form of the lowest prices on the market! Dealing directly with Canyon Stone Canada’s associated dealers will save you money and time. We sell for less and stock the most!

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Canyon Stone Thin Stone Veneer

Canyon Stone Thin Stone Veneer

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