• Should You Mulch Your Garden In The Winter Months? January 12, 2018 Winter Mulching
    Once the temperature begins to drop, and winter is on its way, it’s time to mulch your garden (most of the time). Here’s why. One of the main reasons for mulching in the winter months is that it will ensure that the ground stays frozen by protecting it from the sun. Essentially, it will keep […] ( Read More... )
  • 3 Sustainable Rooftop Gardening Trends October 11, 2017 Sustainable Rooftop Gardening Trends
    Businesses benefit when they prioritize sustainability and environmental causes. First of all, today’s consumers are very different from consumers of the past. Today’s consumers are looking much more closely at what businesses stand for and gravitating toward companies that have a cause beyond themselves. Not only does a commitment toward sustainability benefit businesses in terms […] ( Read More... )