Spring Maintenance

Spring/Summer Maintenance

  • How To Prep Your Lawn For Spring March 20, 2018 Prepping Your Lawn For Spring
    With spring just around the corner, most homeowners understand what that means: time to prep the lawn. If you want your lawn looking its best and want it to stand out above all the others in your neighbourhood, below are some preliminary steps you should take into consideration: Clear debris One of the first things […] ( Read More... )
  • Six Ways To Enhance Your Property For Summer July 10, 2017 Ways To Enhance Your Property For Summer
    Summer is the time to turn your commercial property into a beautiful oasis. Whether you are the proprietor of a 10-storey office building or an outdoor mall, your property deserves a facelift. If you’re unsure where to start, here are six things you can do to enhance your property for the summer. Plant local: Replace […] ( Read More... )
  • Extend Your Living Space Outdoors! July 27, 2016
    Entertaining at home is brought to a whole new level with the introduction of outdoor kitchens and living rooms. There is no better way to enjoy time with friends and family than socializing in your own personal oasis. Imagine preparing and cooking dinner on your new backyard built-in barbeque while your guests are relaxing on […] ( Read More... )
  • Healthy Lawn Care Tips May 8, 2014
    Healthy Lawn Care Tips Early Spring Lawn Care Rake up debris, dead grass, leaves etc .   Roll if necessary with a light roller.  Aerate the lawn annually in high traffic areas and every other year in lower use areas.  Apply a premium slow release lawn fertilizer such as 28-0-6  65% Slow Release. Late Spring Lawn Care Apply […] ( Read More... )
  • Early Spring Fertilizer March 31, 2014
    Once you see some growth, fertilizer is necessary to green up and strengthen your turf. We’ve got a great Early Spring Fertilizer that’s great for this time of year! Contact Us Today ( Read More... )
  • Spend Time Outdoors This Spring/Summer March 19, 2014
    The benefits of spending time outside are amazing—make sure your outdoor space is a place where you can spend time this spring/summer. Contact Us Today ( Read More... )
  • Pruning March 6, 2014 Pruning
    Did you know? The best time to prune trees and shrubs is when they’re dormant. Just before bud break, in March or early April is the ideal time. Contact Us Today ( Read More... )