Landscape Accessories

At Peel Landscape Depot we carry all the accessories you need to complete your landscape project , including the following:

Masonry Cement

Masonry cement is basically normal Portland cement with added ingredients to provide the plasticity required for masonry work. Masonry cements are pre-packaged primarily as either Type N Masonry Cement or Type S Masonry Cement. Other types are available for specific circumstances. Type N Masonry mortar is recommended for general use in building non-load bearing walls as well as for exterior veneer walls not requiring high strength. Type S Masonry mortar is recommended for use in all masonry below grade as well as in building exterior load bearing walls requiring high strength. DO NOT use masonry cement for concrete jobs

Garden Edging
Landscape edging is an effective way to provide a definable separation between your lawn and your garden. This method will maximize weed control and improve the appearance of your property. Decorative landscape curbing can be added to your landscape edging in order to create an impenetrable guard against creeping grass types. Concrete landscape edging stops the spread of rhizomes and stolons, and reduces the need for constant trimming and weeding. While other edging products can rust and rot, concrete garden edging remains vibrant for the life of your landscape. Decorative garden edging will also add an extra layer of visual interest to your property, providing a beautiful finish to your flowerbeds and landscaping.

Polymeric Sand
Polymeric sand is a granular material placed between the joints or seams in brick pavers or stone in patios, walkways and driveways. It’s primary function is to improve the interlock and therefore the durability and stability of a paved surface.

The components of polymeric sand vary from manufacturer to manufacturer, but in general, the main ingredients are quartz and crystalline silica (usually 80-95% of the product by volume). Depending on whether the sand has an organic or man-made chemical binder, some include portland cement in their poly sand recipe, but all of them have a proprietary polymer/organic ingredient that is water-activated and acts as the binder between sand particles. It’s this polymer that makes this sand so effective.

Weeping Tile
Weeping tile refers to a mode of piping that is used in drainage systems in particular underground drainage. It is a porous pipe system laid on in what is known as aggregate formation to allow collection of extra water from the ground. This helps prevent the groundwater from over saturating the surrounding soil. If you are in need of weeping tile then come in to Peel Landscape Depot.

Filter Cloth
Every flower garden will have weeds growing in them. Weeding is one of the most labor intensive, regular jobs of any gardening experience. In order to prevent as many weeds as possible and still keep the proper drainage in your garden you will need to install landscape filter cloth under your garden. Installation of this barrier takes only a few minutes, a couple of tools, and a bit of know how so that your new garden will remain virtually weed free allowing your plants to take root and thrive.

GeoGrid is a highly useful tool and component in building a wall of any type. It is most commonly found and used in retaining walls that can vary in height. Composed of hundreds of strands of yarn that are intertwined, miragrid, is covered with a highly durable polyester coating that encompasses it entirely.

Woven Weed Cloth
Woven weed cloth is a material placed around trees, flowers or shrubs to stop weeds and promote plant growth, without chemicals. It blocks sunlight so weeds can’t grow, but it’s also permeable so air and moisture can nourish your plants. Professionals have used it for years, and now it’s growing in popularity among home gardeners and landscapers.