Landscaping Maintenance Services Etobicoke

Spring/Summer in Etobicoke Is Easier With Us

Etobicoke Lawn Care & Landscaping Maintenance Services

Here at Peel Exterior Maintenance Inc., we�ve been looking after the lawns, pruning and mulching needs around Etobicoke for years now. We have complete lawn care programs that will suit you, with lawn care and maintenance that involves mowing and the right mulching in the flower beds. Call us for a free program evaluation. We’ll look after insect and disease control, and your tree pruning and edging needs.

Winter Is Our Time To Help You Out

Etobicoke Snow Removal & Road Salt Supplies

Snow looks great from behind your windows in the warmth and comfort of your home or office. Not so when you need to shovel it. Why not let us do the nasty work of snow removal and road salting with our dependable service that�s been working in Etobicoke for 20 years now? Commercial or residential, as well as institutional and condominium properties. We use on-site satellite weather information to implement our efficient snow control plan that we put together well before the first flake touches the ground.

Commercial Landscaping Etobicoke

We�ve got the experienced staff that can work on your Etobicoke commercial landscaping project from start to finish. With professional equipment, including loaders and dump trucks where necessary, we work through every season to help corporations and our other valued clients keep their properties up year round.

Landscape Supplies Etobicoke

Our complete service here at Peel Exterior Maintenance Inc. includes not only top notch equipment and personnel, but the right supplies like decorative aggregates, weeping tile as well as lawn care equipment. We�re open to the public so you can come in and see our soils, supply soils, aggregates, natural stone and flagstone for all of your Etobicoke landscaping needs. Our affiliate, Peel Landscape Depot, is located in Georgetown.