Landscaping Maintenance Services Mississauga

We’re there to help in a Mississauga Spring/Summer

Top Notch Mississauga Lawn Care & Landscaping Maintenance Services

We know what people need to make their yards in Mississauga come alive in spring and stay that way all year long. Lawn care Mississauga and lawn mowing Mississauga are something Peel Exterior Maintenance Inc. has been doing for years now, and we go far beyond the excellent gravel and lawn edging services you expect from us. We’ll prune your trees and shrubs, implement irrigation systems maintenance, and even mulch your flower beds and install annual flowers as part of our complete service.

We can help with winter in Mississauga

Mississauga Snow Removal & Road Salt Supplies

We offer a complete seasonal service here at Peel Exterior Maintenance Inc. when it’s warm outside or cold when you need us most. Our equipment comes in a variety of sizes and configurations and we’ve been in the business of snow and ice removal and road salting for 20 years in Mississauga. Our snow control plans start before the weather changes and our on-site satellite weather information keeps us up to date.

Commercial Landscaping Mississauga

With highly trained personnel and professional equipment, we help maintain properties and complete landscaping projects from start to finish in Mississauga. Excavators, bobcats and loaders are just some of the equipment that we use to attain 100% customer satisfaction.

Landscape Supplies Mississauga

Lawn care equipment and landscape fabric are just a few of the features that we have in our landscape supplies department. Supply soils, aggregates, natural stone, and flagstone are all sold at our retail operation that’s open to the public as well as decorative aggregates and weeping tile. Peel Landscape Depot is located in Georgetown.