Soils & Amendments

We are proud to carry a wide range of high quality soils to suit your landscape needs

Triple Mix – A blend of peat sedge, compost and manure. These natural ingredients work well in applications such as transplanting trees and shrubs. Gardens will also benefit from additions Triple Mix.

Screened Topsoil – this product is used for grading and backfilling. Also used as a base for underneath sod. It has no added nutrients but is tested for quality.

Garden Party Soil – An all purpose mixture of peat sedge and compost. The rich black texture appeals to many serious gardeners.

Top Dressing/ Lawn dresser – To improve the condition of lawn soil, apply twice a year. This adds a significant amount of organic matter to lawn soil, and improves soil microbial activity.
Made with sandy loam and compost derived from leaves & yard clippings, it is especially effective for new housing developments where top soil has been stripped away.

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